Xbox Live Is Down As Microsoft Scrambles For A Fix – Forbes

Credit: Microsoft

Xbox Live is down.

Xbox Live is down for many and Microsoft is working on a fix.

According to the Xbox Live status page, affected services include the ability to simply login to Xbox Live, play multiplayer games, access the store, download games, and even log in to play single-player games (unless you switch to offline mode.)

Microsoft is aware of the problem:

If you were hoping to play some Destiny or Overwatch or maybe fire up a little Call of Duty this evening, you’ll have to wait. Thankfully, if you’re just hoping to Netflix and chill, any myriad other devices will do the trick. Not the Nintendo Switch, mind you, but basically every other device known to man.

As of this writing, there’s no word on what’s causing the outages. Perhaps if Microsoft’s support team just turns it on and off again all will be resolved. Hitting Xbox Live a couple times (not too hard, of course) might also provide a fix. Or blowing into it, assuming Xbox Live is cartridge based, could help. I’m just speaking from personal experience, here.

In any case, we’ll update this post when the problem is resolved or, in a darker future, when the problem persists.

Is the outage affecting your Xbox experience? Is this a bad omen given the recent Xbox One X/Scorpio Edition pre-order news?

As far as days go in Console War land, Sony is once again making out like a bandit. Nintendo’s SNES Classic Edition pre-order fiasco has cast that company under a bit of a shadow, and now this. I guess it’s a good day to be a PlayStation gamer.


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