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The debate over net neutrality became a huge bone of contention when telecom major Bharti Airtel announced that it will launch ‘Airtel Zero’ that will give smartphone users free access to select internet sites or some organizations apps. So for instance, Flipkart, which is part of Airtel Zero, can be accessed by Airtel subscribers for free and they would not have to pay for data charges. Later it was revealed that those companies will be paying for the data consumed by the consumers across the country. Critics argue that this alters the nature of the Internet as a leveler where big players like Flipkart and smaller companies have equal access to consumers.

Courtesy: Facebook Courtesy: Facebook

Courtesy: Facebook

Net neutrality means when a service provider sells you data they don’t get to choose how the data is used. The idea is that the Internet Service Provider, from whom you buy your internet pack, can’t under control how exactly you use it. It is up to you and only you, how you wish to spend the 1GB 3G data pack you bought from your Internet Service Provider.So a service provider like Airel cannot discriminate, in terms of price or speed, between traffic from website A and website B. By discriminating between traffic to Flipkart/any of the business entities that sign onto their Airtel Zero platform and those that do not, Airtel is rigging what is now an equal playing field.

The loser in the end will not just be the smaller companies, but also consumers who will find their freedom curtailed by a default monopoly of a few select Airtel partners.

As Firstpost said earlier, “if there is no net neutrality, the Internet won’t function as we’ve known it too. It will mean Internet Service Providers (ISP) will be able to charge companies like YouTube or Netflix as they consume more bandwidth, and eventually the load of the extra sum will be pushed to the consumers. Similarly, ISPs can then create slow as well as fast Internet lanes, which will mean all websites cannot be accessed at the same speed and one can do so only on paying an additional sum. For instance, currently, you have a standard data package and access all the content at the same speed, irrespective of whether its an international website or desi. Similarly, ISPs can also charge extra for the free calls you make using services like WhatsApp, Skype and others, and eventually the load of additional payable sum by the OTT players will be pushed onto consumers.”

Still confused?

Don’t worry as stand-up comedy group AIB has come out with a superb video explaining why your life will be doomed without net neutrality.

The video in essence explains how open & free internet is essential for India. “Right at this very moment, Indian telecom companies are lobbying the Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India to enact a regulation in a way that will change the way Indians are using the internet forever.” says Tanmay Bhat in the video.

The video explains how the telecom companies want to carve the internet sector and charge separately for each and every services we use.

After Flipkart pitched in to support Airtel to lobby against users with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, All India Bakchod have done the needful to ‘save’, not ‘break’ the internet!

The video pleads the viewers to click to to send a mail to Telecom Regulation Authority of India to stop the telecom companies from changing the face of internet in India.

TRAI has released a document and is seeking your views through 20 questions. They are asking for your suggestions, here’s your chance to make yourself heard. You can submit your answers to the TRAI before 24 April, 2015 at

Watch their latest video on Save The Internet below:

Net neutrality gets a big thumbs up from SRK

The video already has over three lakh views Even Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan shared the video with his 12.3 million followers and paired it with the hashtag #savetheinternet which is now trending on Twitter.

Following are some of the responses to Savetheinternet on Twitter:

Simultaneously, #IndiaWantsNetNeutrality is amongst the top trending topics on Facebook.

Read more about why you should care about net neutrality here


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