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This is the sort of image Microsoft likes to show with the Scorpio.

image: Microsoft

Xbox Scorpio.

The leaks are coming down to the wire here. We’re only a few short hours away from Microsoft’s reveal of Project Scorpio, where the company is expected to finally tell us some the fundamental facts about this console. Chief among these facts are price, form factor, and final name. The final name, however, appears to have leaked out from an ad on Best Buy’s website (via Venturebeat). According to the leak, the final name for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is get this Xbox Scorpio. Which is what we’ve been calling it for a while now. No big reveal on that one, if true. The image has the appearance of a post-reveal advertisement for a genuine retail product, so I’m leaning toward believing this one. Unfortunately, there’s no word about the price there.

This might sound obvious to the casual observer, but one working assumption here was that Scorpio was a code name and that the company had yet to reveal the final name. That’s how “Project X” formulations have worked in the past, and plenty of companies have concealed final retail names long after the reveal that the company was actually working on a new console. An earlier leak of an “S” logo, however, seemed to point to the fact that the project name and retail names were one and the same.

It’s a fine name, overall, and one with solid recognition among the gamer set after the slow reveal that started last year at E3. Unlike PlayStation, Xbox has no naming convention, and so Microsoft is a little more freewheeling with how it names its systems. That’s how we end up with the odd string of “360,”One” and now, it would seem, “Scorpio.”

We’ll get confirmation on this, as well as our other most burning Scorpio questions, very soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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