Linux gaming rising: 32 killer games for Steam Machines and Linux – PCWorld

Mere weeks before Civilization made the jump, CD Projekt RED’s blockbuster The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings launched on SteamOS and Linux. The Witcher 2 is one of the deepest, most mature role-playing games of all time, featuring a gritty and dark world to explore, superb swordplay, and one of the best stories in recent video game memory. 

Alas, the game runs on a virtualization “wrapper” dubbed eON, which an eON developer calls “a middle ground idea between what WINE does, and a native port.” Hardcore Linux lovers aren’t pleased, but the Witcher 2 is nonetheless sterling, and it’s encouraging to see such a top-shelf game run on Linux without having to coax it into working with WINE.

Now if only CD Projekt would hurry up and release the promised Linux port of the sublime Witcher 3: Wild Hunt—which bests Witcher 2 in every way and stands as new high-water mark for open world RPGs.


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