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Controversy has swirled over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she served as secretary of state. Clinton has maintained she never sent classified information over this unsecured server and that if she or her staff did, it was an accident.

But now an email sent by Clinton might prove to be a bombshell in that investigation.

As more emails are released by the State Department, evidence has already emerged demolishing Clinton’s initial claim of no classified information ever being sent via her private email system. Still, the question has lingered as to whether all of those instances where she or her staff broke the law and sent classified info over her unsecure server were unintentional or careless accidents.

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In the latest batch of emails to be released, a message sent by Clinton clears up that question by proving the secretary of state herself ordered an underling to send her some classified info over her unsecure email system. And she did so knowingly.

In a series of emails sent in June, 2011, between Clinton and deputy chief of staff Jake Sullivan — who is now a foreign-policy adviser on her campaign — we get what could be considered a smoking gun. In the emails, Clinton is impatiently waiting for a set of talking points. Sullivan tells her they are having trouble with the secure fax system

That’s when Clinton orders Sullivan to pull the data and send it through her non-secure channel.

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This email would seem to contradict Clinton’s claim she never knowingly and purposefully broke the law by sending classified information over her private email system.

How do we know the material Clinton was asking for was classified? Ed Morrissey at points out unclassified material doesn’t need to be transmitted by secure fax, so if the material wasn’t classified, Sullivan would have had them faxed normally. In addition, ordering aides to remove headers to facilitate the transmission over unsecured means strongly suggests that the information was not unclassified.

There’s also the issue of removing headers to avoid transmission security would be a violation of 18 USC 793, which does not require material to be classified, only sensitive to national security. Ordering the headings stripped, and Sullivan’s apparent reluctance to work around the secure fax system, makes it highly likely the material was classified at some level — and Clinton knew it.

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This email is just the latest example of Clinton using her unsecure email system to send classified info. So far there are over 1,000 pages of classified material sent over her private email service.



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